Modern Office in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

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Property ID: 1278

$389,000 USD | $2,900 USD - Available

Commercial and Industrial - Sale & Rent

Santa Ana, San José

In the first level of the building there are 6 office spaces, a reception area for the entire office, 4 elevators with a capacity of 12 people and 1 elevator that reaches the lobby from the three levels of underground parking exclusively for visitors to the office.

From the second to the ninth floor there are 8 office spaces per floor.
On all floors there is a common area with public bathrooms for men and women. In addition there are mechanical, electrical and telecommunications ducts as well as a garbage duct.

The commercial center has 12 commercial premises with two floors each and 49 parking lots.

There are two electric plants; one for the office building and one for the shopping center. These power plants cover the operation at 100% operation of each space

Features workshops A +

- Excellent quality and prestige
- Exclusive architecture
- Excellent location in the city
- Excellence in daily maintenance.
- In addition to all other variables that make up the Class A +:

- First design in a newly built building
- Attractive to those customers of great prestige in the market
- Professionally managed by highly trained people
- Indoor parking, with a minimum of one parking space per 20 m² of area
- High quality materials
- Height between floor and ceiling of a minimum of 2.70 m
- Flexibility of internal design floors
- Security 24/7
- Controlled access
- Air conditioner

Built Area: 125 m2
Parking lots: 5
Air Conditioning Equipment:
Parking / Visits:
Maintenance Fee:
Type Air Conditioning:
Electrical Installation:
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